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Easter Traditions Around The World

Easter is the most important festival in the Christian calendar. It celebrates Jesus rising from the dead, three days after he was executed, symbolising his conquest of death. The date of Easter Sunday varies from year to year. It is observed on or after March 21, on the first Sunday following the full moon. Each culture has its own unique traditions to commemorate this special day. From food to decorations, there are many interesting Easter traditions that vary by region.

Know Of The Various Easter Traditions Around The World – 

1. Cooking A Giant Omelette

Brotherhood of the Big Omelette members have gathered in Bessières, France, every year since 1973 to prepare an enormous omelette consisting of 15,000 eggs. The feast is prepared over a sizable fire in the town square by a group of volunteer cooks using wooden utensils shaped like oars and a four-meter-wide pan.

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2. Kite Flying

The colourful geometric patterns in the sky represent Jesus’ journey into heaven as Bermudians assemble to fly homemade kites constructed from wooden sticks and colourful tissue paper. Together with a codfish feast, hot cross buns, and sunrise services on the beach, this Easter custom is celebrated.

3. Halloweening

Halloween is a springtime tradition in Sweden and some of its Nordic neighbours. On the Thursday before Easter, young people dress as witches and knock on doors to ask for candy. In exchange for the treats, the kids typically give the grownups colourful willow branches or drawings. The custom is based on the myth that Swedish witches visited Blkulla before Easter to celebrate with the devil. On Easter Sunday, Swedes build large bonfires to ensure that the witches won’t return.

4. Easter Almonds

On Easter, people in Portugal give each other almonds, also known as amêndoas. The delicious candies are coated in hard candy, chocolate, or caramelised sugar and come in a variety of colours. On Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, godchildren give their godparents a stalk, and in exchange, the godparents give almonds on Easter Sunday.

5. Easter Egg Roll

At the White House in America where the country’s president lives, an annual Easter egg roll is held on the lawn. The tradition dates back to 1878 when President Rutherford B Hayes ran the country. It’s held on Easter Monday and it’s usually the President’s wife, known as the First Lady, who is in charge of the event.

6. Water Fights

In Poland, people throw water over each other on Easter Monday. It’s known as Wet Monday. In the olden days, it was mainly single guys chasing single girls, but now it’s pretty much everyone water-fighting everyone. The weapons of choice are water guns, empty shampoo and dishwashing soap bottles, and buckets. 

7. Pot Smashing

Old pots are traditionally thrown out of windows on Easter Saturday morning on the Greek island of Corfu. It’s believed that the custom originated with the Italians of Venice, who regularly discard their goods.

8. Easter Eggs Are Red In Greece

In Greece, dying eggs red, symbolizing Christ’s blood, has held strong throughout the millennia as an Easter tradition. The egg in itself is a symbol, as its hard shell represents the sealed tomb of Jesus, the cracking of egg symbolizes his resurrection from the dead and exit from the tomb.

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