Rising Star And Child Prodigy Who is Breaking All Limits

Jayant Patwari: A Young Prolific Author Who Weaves Magic On Paper And Stage

Introducing 12-year-old National Award Winning Kidpreneur, Child Author and Illusionist – Jayant Patwari. He is currently a student at the New Horizon Public School, Bangalore.

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Jayant Patwari is a child prodigy who dons many hats, thanks to his exceptional talents and commitment to excellence. He is not only a published author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist but an outstanding illusionist and magician, who has performed many impossible feats and enthralled huge audiences.

Jayant’s enterprising spirit shines through his community library project, “Just Be a Bookworm”, initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic. This endeavour earned him the prestigious All-India Kidpreneur Award from Young Indian and the Confederation of Indian Industry. Can you believe he was only ten years old at that time!

In 2022, Jayant published “The C-O-V-I-D Thief” and received many rave reviews for his debut fiction novel. Well known Indian Olympian Eques-trian, Fouaad Mirza has said that his novel is a “gripping adventure ride”. The book tells the captivating story of Sharmu, a runaway robber, and Buddhiman, a scientist who accidentally unleashes the Covid pandemic. Part of the proceeds from the sale of his best-seller is donated towards the education of the underprivileged.

Jayant accidentally forayed into the magical world of innovative and mind boggling illusions. To promote his book, he planned some magical acts at his school. He then took a leap of faith and performed in front of 1,000 students. Thus a magician was born!

His magic show “The COVID Thief is full of engaging and interactive performances that have captivated audiences of all ages, making him a rising star in the magic world. Jayant is renowned for his grand illusions and is constantly pushing boundaries of what is possible and redefining the art for generations to come.

His trick of escaping handcuffs in the shortest possible time, just like the legendary Harry Houdini, has solidified his status as an iconic illusion ist. He has many other notable tricks up his sleeve and one of his star attractions is an X-ray sight demonstration where he duplicates words written on a whiteboard while being blindfolded.

with his unique combination of dexterity, precision, and showmanship, Jayant has mesmerised audiences, earning his place among the upcoming magicians to watch out for. This powerhouse performer tells us that he has worked and practised very hard to master his magic tricks. He tells us that “I used to stay up late, practising, practising and practising”.

Jayant uses his magical talents for good, often performing in many fundraising events. His shows benefit underprivileged students, spreading smiles and laughter while supporting a noble cause.

Words Of Wisdom

Jayant often advises other children to pursue their passions, listen to elders, and work hard towards achieving their dreams and goals.

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