World’s First Successful Eye Transplant

For the first time ever, a human eyeball has been transplanted successfully. Aaron James received the transplant in New York back in May, during a 21-hour opera-tion. Surgeon Eduardo Rodriguez was joined by a team of more than 140 people to complete the procedure, which has never been tried before. Five months after getting his new eyeball, James is feeling good. He said: “Before the transplant, emotionally, I was a little down. My confidence level was a little low. 

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But, since the transplant, I tell people I can’t walk past the mirror without looking at it. It has made me stand up taller. It’s great.” James lost his eye when he was injured badly in 2021.

Experts aren’t sure if he ever will be able to see using his new eye, but they are confident this is a big step forward in helping others with similar injuries.

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