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Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapse : 41 Workers Rescued from Tunnel Tragedy

41 Indian construction workers have been rescued from a tunnel they became trapped in after a landslide in Uttarakhand. The construction workers became trapped inside the 4.5 km Silkyara tunnel on November 12, when a portion of it collapsed following a land-slide. They were trapped inside for 17 days, but all of them were rescued on November 28, thanks to the heroic efforts of the Indian government.

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Many different methods were used to rescue them, but the tricky conditions made it very difficult. While the workers were stuck they were provided with food, water, and oxygen. Even though it is reported that none of the workers were injured, they were taken to a hospital for thorough medical checkups.

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A landslide is a large amount of earth, rock, and other material that moves down a steep slope. Landslides happen when a layer of earth or rocks separates from the layer below it.

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