Everything You Need To Know About Holi

Colourful Celebration Of Holi 

Holi is celebrated by millions of people all around the world. It is the festival of colours and spring! Holi is a two day festival and it celebrates the Hindu god Krishna and the legend of Holika and Prahlad. The story of Holika and Prahlad symbolises the victory of good over evil.

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When Is Holi Celebrated? 

The exact date of Holi changes every year. This year Holi will be celebrated on March 24 and March 25. Holi is celebrated on the day of the last full moon in the lunar month of Phalguna.

The Stories Of Holi 

Holi has been celebrated in India for hundreds of years. Several stories explain the festival’s origin.

According to one popular legend, demon king Hiranyakashipu became very angry with his son Prahlada who was devoted to Lord Vishnu instead of him. The demon king asked his demon sister Holika to kill Prahlada. Since Holika was resistant to fire, she sat with Prahlada on wood set on fire. Due to his unwavering devotion to Lord Vishnu, he was safe and Holika got burnt Hiranyakashipu was then killed by Lord Vishnu in the form of a lion man.

Many modern Holi celebrations begin with a bonfire that represents the burning of Holika. Holi is also associated with Lord Krishna. Playing holi with colours is a reflection of the love between Lord Krishna and Radha.

How Is Holi Celebrated?

Typically Holi celebrations start with Holika Dahan. On this night, people light a bonfire, dance, sing, and perform rituals. The next morning people celebrate Holi by throwing colours (traditionally known as gulal) and water on one another.

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