Reliance Foundation Rescues Thousands Of Animals : Vantara

Vantara programme, conceptualised by Anant Ambani. This initiative is first of its kind in India and aims to rescue, care for, treat and rehabilitate injured, abused, and threatened animals in India and abroad. The Vantara facility is spread over 3,000 acres and is located within Reliance’s Jamnagar Refinery complex, Gujarat. Vantara aims to lead conservation efforts in a forest-like environment that has been created for rescued animals. 

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More than 200 elephants and other animals like reptiles and birds have been rescued and are a part of this facility. Animals like rhinos, leopards, and crocodiles have also been rehabilitated. The Vanatara facility also includes a conservation centre with modern medical facilities like state-of-the-art healthcare and hospitals. Recently, Vantara has also taken part in foreign rescue missions in countries like Mexico, Venezuela etc. Reliance Industries. Limited is a large private sector corporation in India.

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