Wounded Orangutan Seen Using Plant As Medicine

Scientists in Indonesia, recently spotted a Sumatran orangutan, named Rakus, using natural medicine to heal a large wound on his cheek. This has led to new discussions about the intelligence of the great apes. According to the researchers in Indonesia’s Gunung Leuser National Park, Bakus was hurt in a fight, leaving him with a nasty wound.

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The researchers observed that he chewed a plant called Akar Kuning, to create a paste to apply to his wounded cheek. This plant is used by local people to help treat malaria and diabetes. The researchers then observed that within a week the wound had closed.

The scientists believe Rakus knew he was applying medicine because orangutans rarely eat this plant, and because of how long he spent tending to his injury. This is the first time ever a creature in the wild has been recorded treating an injury with a medicinal plant. They think Raku’s human-like behaviour could come from an ancestor we share with apes. However scientists have in the past already observed great apes using medicine plants to stay in good health and cure illness and infections.

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