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NASA Artemis Moon Mission: All You Need To Know

What is the Artemis Mission? 

On November 16, 2022, NASA launched its Artemis I Moon Mission which aims to  “land the first woman and first person of color on the Moon” for exploration of the lunar surface. The mission will also inspire a new generation of astronauts, leaders, and scientists. It’ll also mark the return of astronauts to the moon for the first time since 1972. 

NASA’s Artemis program is an ongoing series of missions that will take place in three missions: 

The Artemis I mission has launched an uncrewed capsule called the Orion which will be journeying the Moon’s orbit and will help scientists and technicians at NASA to prepare well for Artemis II Mission. 

Artemis II will have a crew orbiting the lunar orbit which will not be landing on its surface to collect more data and information for the Artemis III mission. It will also be the furthest human mission in space and is expected to be launched in 2024. 

Artemis III is the ultimate mission which will be carrying the first female astronaut and first person of color on the Moon. The mission will involve the crew members performing week-long scientific research on the lunar surface which is set to take place in 2025.

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What is the ultimate aim of the Artemis Moon Mission? 

The scientists and leaders at NASA aim to establish the first long-term presence on the Moon. With the successful launch of Artemis III, scientific studies and data research will help NASA to learn about the lunar environment, as well as its surroundings. These studies will further help NASA take its next giant leap which is to send the first astronaut to Mars.

Apart from the big Mars mission, the Artemis series is also focused on attaining deeper scientific discoveries, inspiring a new generation of young explorers which will be called the Artemis Generation, and economic benefits.

The Latest Update on Artemis I

As of November 23, Artemis I has completed 8 days of flight in space. The spacecraft had lost communication with Orion at around 12:09 AM CST for 47 minutes. With reconfiguration efforts by NASA engineers, the communication link has been restored. 

Why is the mission named ‘Artemis’?

Artemis is a Greek mythological goddess of the Moon and also the twin sister of Apollo. The Apollo mission program from 1969 to 1972 was the first successful mission to fly humans to Moon with a successful landing. 

And the Orion capsule is the crewed spacecraft that is the hunting companion of Artemis in classical mythology. 

Interesting Facts About NASA’s Artemis I Mission 

  1. The Artemis mission is a five-year-long mission that has been in progress since 2017. 
  1. The mission was delayed four times before its successful launch on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, at 1:47 AM (EST).
  1. Artemis II is set to be launched in the year 2024. 
  1. If all goes to plan then we will see the launch of Artemis III in 2025.
  1. The launch vehicles for the Artemis I mission were Space Launch Systems (SLS) and Commercial Launch Vehicles.
  1. Crew models of the Artemis Mission series are Lunar Gateway, Orion, and Human Launch System (HLS).
  1. The initial goal by NASA for a human landing on Moon was planned to take place in 2024. However, scientists confirmed in November 2021 that this date would need to be pushed back to 2025. 
  1. As per NASA Inspector General Paul Martin, the crew landing is likely to be pushed until 2026.

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