Famous Roald Dahl Characters Will Reappear In New Adventures

Roald Dahl characters have received a lot of love. Now these famous characters will come to life once again in a new spin-off series of stories. Since Roald Dahl is dead, Greg James and Chris Smith, authors of Kid Normal, have been assigned the task of working on the short stories, hoping to bring new readers to the originals.

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Greg James and Chris Smith have written The Twits Next Door which will follow The Twits. In December 2024, Charlie and the Christmas Factory will be released along with other stories exploring “why Matilda is worried about being on the naughty list” and “what happens when, years after the creation of his original marvellous medicine, George’s granddaughter Gigi decides to make her own”.

Who was Roald Dahl? Roald Dahl was a British author of popular children’s literature and short stories, and a poet.

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