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Month: August 2023

UN: Calls For Worldwide Ban On Smartphones In Schools

According to a report by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (“UNESCO”), there is evidence that excessive use or inappropriate student use of technology in the classroom and at home, whether smartphones, tablets or laptops was linked to worse performance in school. Such use could be distracting, disruptive, and have a detrimental impact on learning. High levels of screen time also had a negative impact on children’s emotional stability as well.

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The report has recommended that smartphones should be banned from schools in order to take care of classroom disruption, improve learning, and to protect children from online bullying. The UNESCO wants to ensure that the use of technology in education should be beneficial and not distracting. The report has further stated that even though technology has many benefits and provides many learning opportunities, it is expensive and unfair for people who cannot afford it.

Based on its analysis of 200 education systems around the world, The UNESCO estimated one in four countries had banned smartphones in school, either through law or guidance.

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Screen Time To Be Limited For Children In China

Regulators in China want to limit children’s screen time to up to 2 just two hours a day depending on their age.

The Cyberspace Administration of China (“CAC”) has said that & it wants providers of smart devices to introduce a “Minor mode”.

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This would not only put a limit on screen time but also stop people under age 18 being able to access the internet between 10apm to 6am. The CAC has further stated that parents should be allowed to opt out of the time limits if they wanted to. Previously, China has regulated screen time for children. In 2019, some rules were introduced to restrict children from playing games for up to three hours during holidays periods or 1.5 hours on other days, In 021, it was further reduced to one hour on Fridays, weekends and holidays. The plans are open to feedback from the public until September 2.

Chinese authorities are worried about the number of young people who are addicted to the Internet, and also becoming short-sighted (struggling to see far away). Scientists find it difficult to agree on the effects of excessive screen time for children. According to UNICEF, There are some benefits From using digital devices too, like helping children develop creativity, imagination, and a range of social skills.



A law called the Child and Youth Welfare Protection Act requires parents to monitor their children’s screen time. Parents could be fined if their children use electronic devices for too long – especially if it causes them to be unwell, either physically or mentally.


There is a law in place that limits how long children can spend playing games. Children are only allowed to play games for up to an hour a day on any weekday and an hour and a half on the weekends. They’re also only allowed on their smartphones in the daytime and not past 10pm.


Children below 15 years of age are not allowed mobile phones in school.

Do your parents limit your screen time?

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Get Ready To Play Football On The Moon

Competitive Football Could Start On the Moon By 2035 

A group of scientists and engineers from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (“IET”) have created a Lunar Football Rule Book, the first of its kind. This rule book explains how football can be played on the Moon. Scientists believe that football could be played on the Moon as early as 2035, even if it might look very different from a match here on Earth. According to this rule book, each team will have five players, a small pitch, a 50% bigger football, and no contact during the game.

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The game will be played in four 10-minute quarters, with 20-minute breaks between each to give players a rest. Headers and side tackles will not be allowed. The players will have to wear a special and flexible airtight suit with a helmet. The suit will have inbuilt padding for knees and elbows, along with a cooling and heating system to cope with the lunar climate. The IET has also launched a competition asking children (aged 4-7 and 8-13 years) to design a football kit for the Lunar Football team. Two designs will be chosen from the submitted entries.

To enter the competition, designs can be drawn onto our entry form or paper and submitted to by September 15, 2023.

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The Great Migration : Animal Migration On The Planet

The 2023 wildebeest migration has kicked off in Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Massive herds of more than 3 million wildebeest, zebra, and other wildlife are expected to cross the thunderous Mara River within the next few months.

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The Great Migration or the 7th Wonder of the Natural World is the largest overland animal migration on the planet. One of the most sought-after experiences for wildlife and nature enthusiasts, the Great Migration is the ever-moving circular migration of over a million animals across the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. The constant movement of columns of wildebeest, joined by a host of companions, follow an age-old route in search of grazing and water. From the southern part of Tanzania’s Serengeti near the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the animals journey through the Serengeti up and around in a clockwise direction towards the Masai Mara in Kenya, before returning once again near the end of the year.

It brings together millions of animals, who must battle for survival, going against some of the savannah’s apex hunters. Their most ferocious predators include the African lion, cheetah, leopard, jackals, and hyenas.

The Great Migration is the largest herd movement of animals on the planet.

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