Screen Time To Be Limited For Children In China

Regulators in China want to limit children’s screen time to up to 2 just two hours a day depending on their age.

The Cyberspace Administration of China (“CAC”) has said that & it wants providers of smart devices to introduce a “Minor mode”.

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This would not only put a limit on screen time but also stop people under age 18 being able to access the internet between 10apm to 6am. The CAC has further stated that parents should be allowed to opt out of the time limits if they wanted to. Previously, China has regulated screen time for children. In 2019, some rules were introduced to restrict children from playing games for up to three hours during holidays periods or 1.5 hours on other days, In 021, it was further reduced to one hour on Fridays, weekends and holidays. The plans are open to feedback from the public until September 2.

Chinese authorities are worried about the number of young people who are addicted to the Internet, and also becoming short-sighted (struggling to see far away). Scientists find it difficult to agree on the effects of excessive screen time for children. According to UNICEF, There are some benefits From using digital devices too, like helping children develop creativity, imagination, and a range of social skills.



A law called the Child and Youth Welfare Protection Act requires parents to monitor their children’s screen time. Parents could be fined if their children use electronic devices for too long – especially if it causes them to be unwell, either physically or mentally.


There is a law in place that limits how long children can spend playing games. Children are only allowed to play games for up to an hour a day on any weekday and an hour and a half on the weekends. They’re also only allowed on their smartphones in the daytime and not past 10pm.


Children below 15 years of age are not allowed mobile phones in school.

Do your parents limit your screen time?

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