A New ‘Ramayan Wax Museum” For Ayodhya

A new wax museum with 100 life size wax statues depicting scenes  from the famous epic Ramayan will be opened in Ayodhya. The first  phase of the construction will be completed in April-May. This museum is being constructed on a 2.5 acre plot. The museum will also  have illustrations of about 30-35 scenes from the epic. 

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Sunil Kandalloor, a Mumbai-based artist who specialises in wax figures will be  creating these Ramayan wax figures. This project will be developed  like the famous Madame Tussauds. Sunil Kandalloor said that “I  am using silicon, wax, fibreglass and other advanced materials to make these statues. There are many statues of all the characters. For example,  Rama is shown walking into the forest, playing with his twins, launching  a war against Ravana, etc. So, I have made many statues of Rama with  different expressions”

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