UN: Children Have the Right to Clean Environment

In a recent report, the United Nations (“UN) has told governments around the world to act urgently to protect children from climate change. The report further states that climate change is affecting children’s rights to life, survival and development, and says children’s voices aren’t being heard enough in discussions about climate change. The UN Child Rights Committee has released new recommendations for nations to follow. These recommendations have been drafted with the assistance of children. More than 16,000 children from across 121 countries provided comments, describing the effects of climate change on their lives and communities.  The report has further stated that: 

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  • UN nations will have to take steps to protect children from the detrimental consequences of climate change. 
  • Member countries should look into the “clear emerging link” between climate change and children’s mental health.
  • Governments should phase out fossil fuels and switch to renewable energy sources. 
  • Young people must be involved in preparing new guidance in the future.
  • The governments will be held accountable for environmental damage.

What do you think your Government should do to provide you a better future and cleaner environment?

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