First International Day of Play

For the first time ever, the United Nations and Lego have partnered together and have scheduled the first International Day of Play on June 11, 2024. The main purpose of this event is to encourage children to play more and have fun. According to recent research involving more than 25,000 children across 36 countries, 3 in 5 children would like to play more than they do now.

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The research further states that four in five children would also like to play more with the parents or career. Further, children’s charity UNICEF estimates that as many as 160 million children across the world are currently working instead of playing or learning. The UN has a treaty that sets out universally accepted rights for children, including the right to play. The International Day of Play is the result of a campaign by charities and companies that came together to form a “global play movement”. More than 140 countries have agreed to participate.

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