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Akshdeep Singh: The Rising Star of Indian Race Walking

Akshdeep Singh is a talented Indian athlete who has been making waves in the men’s 20km race walk event with his impressive performances. With a string of records and medals to his name, Singh is fast becoming a household name in India and beyond. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the life and achievements of this promising young athlete.

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Born on December 10, 1997, in Punjab, India, Akshdeep Singh began his athletics journey at the age of 15. He was introduced to race walking by his coach, who recognized his potential and encouraged him to pursue it. Singh’s talent and dedication quickly earned him a spot in the Indian national team.

Records and Medals:

Akshdeep Singh has an impressive record in the men’s 20km race walk event. Some of his notable achievements include:

  • Gold medal at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou
  • Silver medal at the 2021 World Athletics Championships in Eugene
  • Bronze medal at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo
  • Gold medal at the 2019 National Athletics Championships in New Delhi

Akshdeep Singh has represented India at several international events, including the Olympic Games, World Athletics Championships, and Asian Games. His performances have earned him recognition and accolades from the athletics community worldwide.

Akshdeep Singh has received several awards and recognition for his achievements, including the Arjuna Award (2022) and the Punjab Government’s Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award (2021).

Akshdeep Singh is a talented and dedicated athlete who is destined for greatness. With his impressive records and medals, he is inspiring a new generation of athletes in India. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this young sensation of Indian race walking!

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Avinash Sable: The Steeplechase Sensation of Indian Athletics

Avinash Sable is a name that has become synonymous with excellence in Indian athletics. This talented athlete has been making waves in the track and field circuit, particularly in the steeplechase event. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Avinash’s biography, his impressive records, and his medal-winning performances.

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Avinash Sable was born on September 13, 1994, in Beed, Maharashtra, India. He hail from a farming family and was introduced to athletics at a young age. Avinash’s talent and dedication earned him a spot in the Indian Army’s sports division, where he received formal training and mentorship.


Avinash Sable has been rewriting the record books in Indian athletics. Some of his notable achievements include:

National record in the 3000m steeplechase (8:11.23 minutes)

First Indian to qualify for the Olympic Games in the steeplechase event (2020 Tokyo Olympics)

Winner of the 2019 Asian Championships gold medal in the steeplechase event


Avinash Sable’s medal tally is impressive, to say the least. Some of his notable medals include:

Gold medal at the 2019 Asian Championships (3000m steeplechase)

Silver medal at the 2017 Asian Championships (3000m steeplechase)

Bronze medal at the 2018 Asian Games (3000m steeplechase)

Avinash Sable is an inspiration to Indian athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. His dedication, perseverance, and natural talent have made him a force to be reckoned with in the world of athletics. We wish him continued success and look forward to seeing him break more records and win more medals in the future.

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Indian Athletes to Watch at the 2024 Paris Olympics

The 2024 Paris Olympics are just around the corner, and India is gearing up to showcase its sporting prowess on the global stage. The Games will officially commence on July 26, with the opening ceremony taking place along the river Seine. However, the action for India begins on July 25 with the individual archery rounds. Here’s a day-wise breakdown of the Indian athletes to watch out for:

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July 25 (Thursday)


  • Women’s Individual Ranking Round (1 pm)
  • Men’s Individual Ranking Round

July 27 (Saturday)

Hockey: India vs. New Zealand


  • Men’s Singles Group Stage
  • Women’s Singles Group Stage
  • Men’s Doubles Group Stage
  • Women’s Doubles Group Stage

Boxing: Prelims Round of 32

Rowing: Men’s Single Sculls Heats


  • 10m Air Rifle Mixed Team qualification
  • 10m Air Rifle medal matches
  • 10m Air Pistol qualification

Table Tennis:

  • Men’s & Women’s Singles Prelims
  • Round of 64


  • 1st round matches (Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles)

July 28 (Sunday)

Archery: Women’s Team Round of 16 to Finals

Rowing: Men’s Single Sculls Repechage round


  • 10m Air Rifle Women’s Qualification
  • 10m Air Pistol Men’s Final
  • 10m Air Rifle Men’s Qualification


  • Men’s 100m Backstroke Heats
  • Men’s 100m Backstroke SF
  • Women’s 200m Freestyle Heats
  • Women’s 200m Freestyle SF

July 29 (Monday)

Archery: Men’s Team Round of 16 to Finals

Hockey: India vs. Argentina

Rowing: Men’s Single Sculls SF E/F


  • Trap Men’s Qualification
  • 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team Qualification
  • 10m Air Rifle Women’s Final


  • Men’s 100m Backstroke Final
  • Women’s 200m Freestyle Final

July 30 (Tuesday)


  • Women’s Individual Round of 64 and Round of 32
  • Men’s Individual Round of 64 and Round of 32

Equestrian: Dressage Individual Day 1

Hockey: India vs. Ireland

Rowing: Men’s Single Sculls Quarter Finale


  • Trap Women’s Qualification Day 1
  • 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team medal matches

July 31 (Wednesday)

Boxing: Quarter Finals

Equestrian: Dressage Individual Day 2

Rowing: Men’s Single Sculls Semi-Finals


  • Sum Rifle 3 Pos. Men’s Qualification
  • Trap Women’s Final
  • Table Tennis: Round of 16

August 1 (Thursday)


  • Men’s 20km Race Walk
  • Women’s 20km Race Walk


  • Men’s & Women’s Doubles QF
  • Men’s & Women’s singles Round of 16

Hockey: India vs. Belgium

Golf: Men’s Round 1

Judo: Women’s 78+ kg Round of 32 to Finals

Rowing: Men’s Single Sculls SF A/R

Sailing: Men’s & Women’s Dinghy Race 1-10


  • 50m Rifle 3 Pos. Men’s Final
  • 50m Rifle 3 Pos. Women’s Qualification

August 2 (Friday)

Archery: Mixed Team Round of 16 to Finals

Athletics: Men’s Shot Put Qualification


  • Women’s Doubles SF
  • Men’s Doubles SF
  • Men’s Singles OF

Hockey: India vs. Australia

Golf: Men’s Round 2

Rowing: Men’s Single Sculls Finals


  • Skeet Men’s Qualification Day 1
  • 25m Pistol Women’s Qualifiers

Table Tennis:

  • Men’s & Women’s Singles SF
  • Tennis: Men’s Singles SF, Men’s Doubles medal matches

August 3 (Saturday)

Archery: Women’s Individual Round of 10 to Finals

Athletics: Men’s Shot Put Final


  • Women’s Singles OF
  • Women’s Doubles Medal matches


  • Quarter Finals
  • Women’s 60kg Semifinal

Golf: Men’s Round 3


  • Skeet Men’s Qualification Day 2
  • Skeet Women’s Qualification Day 1

Table Tennis: Women’s Singles medal matches

August 4 (Sunday)

Archery: Men’s Individual Round of 16 to Finals


  • Women’s 3000m Steeplechase Round 1
  • Men’s Long Jump Qualification


  • Women’s Singles SF
  • Men’s Singles SF
  • Men’s Doubles Medal matches

Boxing: Semi-Finals

Equestrian: Dressage individual Grand Prix Freestyle

Hockey: Men’s Quarter Finals

Golf: Men’s Round 4


  • 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men’s Qual Stage 1
  • Skeet Women’s Final

Table Tennis: Men’s Singles medal matches

August 5 (Monday)


  • Men’s 3000m Steeplechase Round 1
  • Women’s 5000m Final


  • Women’s Singles medal matches
  • Men’s Singles medal matches


  • Skeet Mixed Team Qualification
  • 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men’s Final

Table Tennis: Men’s & Women’s Team, Round of 16

Wrestling: Women’s 68 kg Round of 16 & OF

August 6 (Tuesday)


  • Men’s Javelin Throw qualification
  • Women’s 3000m Steeplechase Final
  • Men’s Long Jump Final


  • Semi Finals
  • Women’s 60kg – Final

Hockey: Men’s SF

Sailing: Men’s & Women’s Dinghy medal race

Table Tennis: Men’s & Women’s Team OF


  • Women’s 68 kg SF to medal matches
  • Women’s 50 kg Round of 16 & QF

7th August, Wednesday


  • Men’s 3000m Steeplechase Final
  • Marathon Race Walk Mixed Relay
  • Women’s 100m Hurdles Round 1
  • Women’s Javelin Throw Qualification
  • Men’s High Jump Qualification
  • Men’s Triple Jump Qualification


  • Men’s 83.5kg Finals
  • Men’s 80kg Finals

Golf: Women’s Round 1

Table Tennis:

  • Men’s & Women’s Team OF
  • Men’s Team SF

Weightlifting: Women’s 40 kg


  • Women’s 50 kg SF to medal matches
  • Women’s 53 kg Round of 16 & QF

8th August, Thursday


  • Men’s Javelin Throw Final
  • Women’s 100m Hurdles Repechage
  • Women’s Shot Put qualification


  • Men’s 51 kg Finals
  • Women’s 54kg Finals

Hockey: Men’s medal matches

Golf: Women’s Round 2

Table Tennis: Men’s & Women’s SF


  • Women’s 57 kg Round of 16 & QF
  • Women’s 53 kg SF to medal matches
  • Men’s 57 kg Round of 16 & QF

9th August, Friday


  • Women’s 4x400m Relay Round 1
  • Men’s 4x400m Relay Round 1
  • Women’s 100m Hurdles SF
  • Women’s Shot Put Final
  • Men’s Triple Jump Final


  • Men’s 71 kg Finals
  • Women’s 50kg Finals
  • Men’s 97kg Finals
  • Women’s 66kg Finals

Golf: Women’s Round 3

Table Tennis: Men’s & Women’s Team medal matches


  • Women’s 57 kg SF to medal matches
  • Men’s 57 kg SF to medal matches
  • Women’s 62 kg Round of 16 & OF

10th August, Saturday


  • Women’s 4x400m Relay Final
  • Men’s 4x400m Relay Final
  • Women’s 100m Hurdles Final
  • Women’s Javelin Throw Final
  • Men’s High Jump Final


  • Women’s 60kg Finals
  • Men’s 57kg Finals
  • Women’s 75kg Finals
  • Men’s +92 kg Finals

Golf: Women’s Round 4

Table Tennis: Men’s & Women’s Team medal matches


  • Women’s 76 kg Round of 16 & QF
  • Women’s 62 kg SF and medal matches

11th August, Sunday

Wrestling: Women’s 76 kg SF to medal matches

Closing Ceremony

The action-packed schedule continues until August 11, with Indian athletes competing in various events like athletics, badminton, boxing, hockey, golf, judo, rowing, sailing, shooting, table tennis, tennis, and wrestling.

Let’s cheer on our Indian athletes as they strive to bring glory to the nation!

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Let The Games Begin The History Of Olympic Day

Olympic Day is celebrated all around the world on June 23, every year. Thousands of people get together to participate in cultural and sporting activities, such as runs, musical performances, and exhibitions.

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The Origin Of The Olympic Games

The first known Olympic Games were held in 776 B.C in the summer at Olympia, in southern Greece. The games were created to honour Ancient Greek god Zeus. Athletes prayed to Zeus for victory and left gifts to thank him for their victories.

When Rome conquered Greece, they banned the Olympics in 393 A.D. After over 1,500 years the modern version of the Olympic Games was revived in 1896 in Athens, Greece, by Baron Pierre de Coubertin and has been celebrated every four years since then. In 1924, Winter Olympics were added to incorporate winter sports such as cross-country skiing, ice hockey, snowboarding, figure skating. and ski jumping.

Who Is Baron Pierre De Coubertin? 

Baron Pierre de Coubertin is considered the founder of the modern Olympic Games. Born in Paris, France, he was a keen sportsman himself, who enjoyed boxing, fencing, horse-riding, and rowing. He believed that sports were an import- ant part of developing the mental energy of a person.

In 1894, Pierre founded the International Olympic Committee (“IOC”) to help build a better world by educating young people about the importance of sports. He is responsible for the creation of the five-ring Olympic symbol in 1913, the Olympic Charter, and the protocol of the games, including the opening and closing ceremonies. He believed, “The important thing in life is not the triumph but the fight the essential thing is not to have won, but to have fought well. He was the IOC President between 1896 and 1925.

The First Olympic Day

During the 41st Session of the IOC in 1947, Dr. Grusa, a member from Czechoslovakia, presented a report on the concept of World Olympic Day. This day would be dedicated to promoting the Olympic values and ideals. The idea was officially adopted at the 42nd 100 Session in St Moritz, Switzerland in January 1948.

The first-ever Olympic Day was celebrated on June 23, 1948. Since then, Olympic Day has been celebrated annually to encourage participation in sports, promate the Olympic movement, and spread the spirit worldwide. It serves as an opportunity to engage individuals of all ages and backgrounds in sports activities, promoting the values of friendship, fair play, and peace.

Some Interesting Facts About The Olympics

The first Olympic Games had just 14 participating countries, and now over 200 countries participate in the Olympics.

The Olympic symbol was designed to include everyone. The five different coloured rings and the white background are the colours found on the flags of all participating countries.

motorboat sailing used to be Olympic sports but eventually got voted out and games like rugby and golf got voted in.

From 1921 to 1948, artists, writers, and musicians also took part in the Olympics. They competed for medals by creating their works of art based on the sporting successes of the games.

Fencing, football, judo, archery, sailing, handball, trampoline, and water polo are some of the sports included in the Olympic Games.

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Video Games To Be Considered For The Olympics

You heard us right! The International Olympic Committee (“IOC”) has said that it is considering the possibility of including e-sports (video games) in the Olympic Games.

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This announcement was made by the IOC President Bach at the opening ceremony of the 141 st IOC Session in Mum-bai. The IOC recognises that video games are popular with the billions of people under the age of 34 years.

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