Three New Extinct Kangaroo Species Named 

Scientists from Flinders University, based in Adelaide, believe that they have discovered three new species of kangaroos that lived millions of years ago. This finding is based on the discovery of several nearly complete kangaroo fossil skeletons in Lake Callabonna in southern Australia.

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They even found that one of the species was double the size of the biggest kangaroos alive today, and twice the size of a human! The three new species belong to the extinct Pro- temnodon-giant kangaroo and are known as Protemnodon viator, Protemnodon mamkurraand, and the Protemnodon dawsonae. The Protemnodon viator weighed up to 170 kg, double the weight of the heaviest present day red males. They are believed to have lived around five million to 40,000 years ago.

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