Monkey Lives Two years With Pig Kidney

In a successful scientific experiment, a monkey has survived two years after a pig’s kidney was put inside it. This could solve the problem of human organ short-age. Sometimes people’s organs, like kidney and liver, do not work properly and they need new ones to live.

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However, there are not enough organ donors. Scientists have used animal organs in humans before but the human body rejected these animal organs. Scientists have discovered that these animal organs are rejected by the human body because our immune system treats these animal organs like a bacteria or virus.

Prior to the transplant in the monkey, the scientists removed the unwanted genes from the pig. This made the pig accept the kidney without any troubles. Scientists think that modified pig organs will work better for humans, because they are a better match. The kidney of an adult pig is around the same size as that of an adult human.


Genes determine what traits (like Word eye colour, height, and hair colour) Check are passed down from a mother and father to their child.

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